Btrieve--missing WBTRCALL.DLL.

Error 3240

You tried to perform an operation that requires the specified file.  To use data access to read and write data to a Novell Btrieve file, you must have a copy of the stand-alone Btrieve for Windows WBTRCALL.DLL file (about 52K in size).  This file must be in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

You may already have a copy of this file on your hard drive.  To find it, at the root directory type:


          dir wbtrcall.dll /s


Copy this file to your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

     Important:   If you already have a copy of WBTRCALL.DLL in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, contact your system administrator before copying over it.  This file may be used by other programs on your computer.

If you don't have a copy of this file, you can purchase Btrieve for Windows from Novell Inc. by calling 800-453-1267 or by contacting your local software dealer.