Introducing and Learning Visual Basic


Learning Visual Basic

Fast paced lessons to teach you the basics of Visual Basic.  To run a lesson, choose the Learning Visual Basic command on Visual Basic's Help menu.

    How Visual Basic Works

    Creating an Application

    Writing Event-driven Programs

    Working with Forms and Controls

    Adding Menus

    Debugging Your Application

    Using Color and Graphics



Global Objects

Clipboard Object6WM59T

Debug Object7GRJ0CX

Printer ObjectCBQUDQ

Screen Object1052P0

App Object5QU20R2

Interface Objects




Data Access Objects

Data Access Overview11WWTV1

Data Control2E1FEX3

Database ObjectP8AHA

Dynaset Object25TLT8

Field ObjectKU5EEE

Fields CollectionQ15ZEN

Index Object1WDWMJT

Indexes Collection1WAT5K

QueryDef ObjectDFCEMQ

Snapshot ObjectHBYSUX

Table Object5RHH0MW

TableDef ObjectK497U

TableDefs Collection2CHOSZ

Programming Environment


Visual Basic Windows

Code WindowJ73QNY

Color Palette11468R9

Debug Window199M6LF

Menu Bar1GISBD9

Menu Design WindowV4GKGG

Project Window183GH18

Properties WindowO00AW8



Interface Information

Keyboard GuideK6REPN>Right

Menus & CommandsNHV75C>Right

Accessibility for People with DisabilitiesJ6STKC