Accessing an External Database Example

This example opens a Paradox database and uses the OpenTable function to open a Paradox table.

Sub OpenParadoxDb ()
  Dim Db As Database, Tb As Table, Conn As String
  Conn = "Paradox;"                     ' Specify database type.
  ' Open the database.
  Set Db = OpenDatabase("C:\PARADOX", False, False, Conn)
  Set Tb = Db.OpenTable("PARATBL.DB")   ' Open Paradox table file.
End Sub


This example attaches a dBASE III table called Author in the C:\DATADIR directory to an existing Visual Basic database.

Sub AttachdBaseTable ()
  Dim Db As Database, Td As New TableDef
  Set Db = OpenDatabase("C:\VB\MYDB.MDB")
  Td.SourceTableName = "AUTHOR.DBF"     ' The name of the file.
  Td.Name = "dbAuthor"                  ' The name in your database.
  Db.TableDefs.Append Td                ' Create the link.
End Sub