AppendChunk Method

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Appends data from a String1AGSRU9 to a Memo17F82T4 or Long Binary17F82T4 field in the copy bufferKBPE86 of a specified TableK31GNT or DynasetUDR386.


fieldobject.AppendChunk( source )


The AppendChunk method uses these parts:

Part                 Description


fieldobject         A field of Memo or Long Binary field data type (not valid on fields of other field data types).  If a data control is used, the field is a member of the Fields collection in a recordset22S7WAF.  In the Professional Edition, can also be an object variableZ3R9Q5 identifying a Field in a recordset.

source              String expression1330R89 containing the data you want to append to fieldobject.


AppendChunk allows you to manipulate pieces of data, which conserves memory when working with fields larger than 64K.

If there is no current record1BNJB8X when you use AppendChunk, an error occurs.

In Microsoft Access, the Long Binary field data type is called an OLE Object field data type.