INSERT INTO Statement (SQL Only)

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You can use INSERT INTO to create an append query, or a query that appends records to one or more tables.


         INSERT INTO is optional but when included precedes the SELECT clause.

         If the table you're appending records to includes a primary key, the records you append must have the same field or an equivalent field of the same data type17F82T4.  If the primary key field is numeric, the records you append must also contain a numeric field.  For example, you can append a record with an Integer primary key to a table that has a Long primary key.

         No records are appended if either duplicate or empty values would result in the primary key field.

         Use the IN clause to append records to a table in another database.

         To create a new table, use the SELECT... INTO statement to create a make-table query.

         An append query copies records from one or more tables to another.  The tables that contain the records you append are not affected by the append query.