NPer Function Example

This example returns the number of periods over which payments must be made to pay off a loan whose value is contained in PVal.  Also provided are the interest percentage rate per period (APR / 12), the payment (Payment), the future value of the loan (FVal), and a number that indicates whether the payment is due at the beginning or end of the payment period (PayType).

Const ENDPERIOD = 0, BEGINPERIOD = 1     ' When payments are made.
Const MB_YESNO = 4                       ' Define Yes/No buttons.
Const ID_NO = 7                          ' Define No as a response.
FVal = 0                                 ' Usually 0 for a loan.
PVal = InputBox("How much do you want to borrow?")
APR = InputBox("What is the annual percentage rate of your loan?")
If APR > 1 Then APR = APR / 100          ' Ensure proper form.
Payment = InputBox("How much do you want to pay each month?")
PayType = MsgBox("Do you make payments at the end of month?", MB_YESNO)
If PayType = ID_NO Then PayType = BEGINPERIOD Else PayType = ENDPERIOD
TotPmts = NPer(APR / 12, -Payment, PVal, FVal, PayType)
If Int(TotPmts) <> TotPmts Then TotPmts = Int(TotPmts) + 1
MsgBox "It will take you " & TotPmts & " months to pay off your loan."