PV Function Example

This example returns the present value of an $1,000,000 annuity that will provide $50,000 a year for the next 20 years.  Provided are the expected annual percentage rate (APR), the total number of payments (20), the amount of each payment (YrIncome), the total future value of the investment (FVal), and a number that indicates whether the payment is made at the beginning or end of the payment period (PayType).  Note that because YrIncome represents cash paid out from the annuity each year, it's a negative number.

Const ENDPERIOD = 0, BEGINPERIOD = 1   ' When payments are made.
Fmt = "###,##0.00"                     ' Define money format.
APR = .0825                            ' Annual percentage rate.
TotPmts = 20                           ' Total number of payments.
YrIncome = 50000                       ' Yearly income.
FVal = 1000000                         ' Future value.
PayType = BEGINPERIOD                  ' Payment at beginning of month.
PVal = PV(APR, TotPmts, -YrIncome, FVal, PayType)
MsgBox "The present value is " & Format(PVal, Fmt) & "."