CreateQueryDef Method (Professional Edition Only)

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Creates a new QueryDef19G3DMW in a specified database3GGA17.


Set querydef = database.CreateQueryDef(name [, sqltext ])


The CreateQueryDef method uses these parts:

Part                 Description


querydef           Object variableZ3R9Q5 for the QueryDef object you want to create.

database          Object variable identifying an open database that will store the new QueryDef.

name                String expression1330R89 that is the name of the new QueryDef which is saved in the database itself.  You use this name with the OpenQueryDef and DeleteQueryDef methods.

sqltext              String expression (a valid SQL29F05E5 statement) defining the QueryDef.  If you omit this argument, you must define the QueryDef by setting its SQLPROSQL property before using it.


You can use QueryDef objects to find and return records in the CreateDynaset and CreateSnapshot methods.

QueryDefs are listed in the TableDefs collection of a Database.  To test if a member of the TableDefs collection is really a QueryDef, examine the Attributes property of a member of the TableDefs collection.

To open a QueryDef for changes, use the OpenQueryDef method.  The QueryDef is automatically saved when you create or change it, even if it wasn't defined by sqltext.

To execute a QueryDef that performs an action, such as update, delete, or insert, use the Execute method.  If you attempt to use a QueryDef that has not yet been defined by sqltext or the SQL property setting, an error occurs.

To delete an existing QueryDef, use the DeleteQueryDef method.