ListFields Method (Professional Edition Only)

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Creates a Snapshot1ZLURBC with one record for each field in a specified recordset22S7WAF.


Note   It is easier and more efficient to use the Fields collectionQ15ZEN of a recordset instead of this method.



Set snapshot = recordset.ListFields( )


The ListFields method uses these parts:

Part                 Description


snapshot          Object variableZ3R9Q5 for the Snapshot you want to create.

recordset          An object variable identifying an existing recordset22S7WAF containing the fields you want to list.


ListFields can return up to 255 records.  The records in the Snapshot are in the same order as the fields in recordset.  The following table shows the Snapshot field contents.


Field                Data type           Description


Name               String                Name of the field.

Type                Long                  Number for the field data type.  See table below.

Size                  Long                  Maximum size of the field.  For Long Text and Long Binary fields (Type 11 and 12), Size is 0; for fields of Type 1 or 2, Size is 1.

Attributes          Long                  Numeric value for one or more attributes of the field.  See table below.

SourceTable     String                Name of the underlying table that supplied the field.

SourceField      String                Name of the field in the underlying table.

CollatingOrder  Integer              Comparison code for the current language.  Use this value for the compare part of the StrComp and InStr functions.


The values and symbolic constants (from DATACONS.TXT) for the Type field in the Snapshot are:

Value    Constant                      Description


1           DB_BOOLEAN              True/False

2           DB_BYTE                     Byte

3           DB_INTEGER               Integer

4           DB_LONG                     Long

5           DB_CURRENCY           Currency

6           DB_SINGLE                  Single

7           DB_DOUBLE                 Double

8           DB_DATE                     Date/Time

10         DB_TEXT                     Text

11         DB_LONGBINARY        Long Binary

12         DB_MEMO                    Memo


The values and symbolic constants (from DATACONS.TXT) for the Attributes field in the Snapshot are:

Value    Constant                               Description


1           DB_FIELDFIXED                   Field is a fixed-length field.


4           DB_FIELDNOTNULL              Values in field cannot be null.


16         DB_FIELDCOUNTER             Field is a counter field80I40ZH.

32         DB_FIELDUPDATABLE         Field is updatable.



You can't use the Fields collection of a Snapshot created with this method.  To get the value of a specific record, you must explicitly use the name of the field.

In a Snapshot created using ListFields, you can determine field types by referring to the values in the Type field, and the Type constants defined in DATACONS.TXT.  To determine field Attributes, use the values in Field Attributes and the Attributes constants defined in DATACONS.TXT.

If the QueryDef has no parameters, the Snapshot will have no records.


Note   The Fields collection is not available in Snapshots created by the ListTables, ListFields, ListIndexes, and ListParameters methods; therefore, you can't access the field values using an index into the Fields collection.  To access the field values you must explicitly use the name of each field.

You also can't use the Find methods, such as FindFirst, on a Snapshot created with this method.