Clone Method (Professional Edition Only)

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Returns a duplicate recordset object that refers to the same recordset from which it was created.


Set recordset2 = recordset1.Clone( )


The Clone method uses the following parts:

Part                 Description


recordset1        The Recordset property of a data control or an object variableZ3R9Q5 identifying an open Table, Dynaset or Snapshot.

recordset2        An object variable of the same type as recordset1.


Use the Clone method to create duplicate recordset objects where each has its own current record1BNJB8X.  Using Clone doesn't affect the data in the original recordset or in the underlying tables.  However, you can change, add, and delete records with the clone of a Dynaset just as with the original.

You might use Clone when you want to perform an operation on a recordset requiring multiple current records.  This is faster and more efficient than creating a second Dynaset.

Bookmarks are valid between recordsets and their clones, but not between recordsets created with separate CreateDynaset or CreateSnapshot methods.