Data Property

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OLE control2HQDVVU.


Determines a handle to a memory or graphical device interface (GDI) object containing data in a specified format.  Not available at design time.


[form.]ole.Data [ = data ]


Set this property to send data to an application that created an object.  Before using the Data property, set the Format property to determine the type of data contained in the memory or GDI object.

You can get a list of acceptable formats for an OLE object using the ObjectAcceptFormats and ObjectGetFormats properties.

Setting this property to 0 frees the memory associated with the handle.

OLE Automation provides an easier and more reliable solution for sending data and commands to and from an object.  If an object supports OLE Automation, you can access the object through the Object1MHI551 property, or using the CreateObject0M4P7F and GetObjectTLKUVF functions.

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