OleTypeAllowed Property

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OLE control2HQDVVU.


Determines the type of object the OLE control can contain.


[form.]ole.OleTypeAllowed [ = setting ]


The OleTypeAllowed property settings are:

Setting          Description


0                   Linked.  The OLE control can contain only a linked object.

1                   Embedded.  The OLE control can contain only an embedded object.

2                   (Default) Either.  The OLE control can contain either a linked or an embedded object.



When you allow the user to create an object by displaying the Insert Object dialog (set Action = 14), the Paste Special dialog (set Action = 15), or when pasting an object from the Clipboard (set Action = 5), use this property to determine the type of object the user is allowed to create.

Use the OleType property to determine an object's type (linked, embedded, or none).

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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 22, "Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)"