ObjectVerbFlags Property

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OLE control2HQDVVU.


Specifies the menu state for each verbZHILMX in the ObjectVerbs array.  Not available at design time; read-only at run time.


[form.]ole.ObjectVerbFlags (index)


The first verb in the ObjectVerbs array is the default verb.  The remaining verbs in this array are suitable for displaying on a menu.  The ObjectVerbFlags array contains information about the menu state (such as grayed, checked, and so on) for each verb in the ObjectVerbs array.

When displaying a menu containing an object's verbs, check the value of this property to see how the item should be displayed.

The following table describes the possible ObjectVerbFlags.

Constant                      Value                        Description


VF_CHECKED              &H0008           The menu item should be checked.

VF_DISABLED             &H0002           The menu item should be disabled (but not grayed).

VF_ENABLED              &H0000           The menu item should be enabled.

VF_GRAYED                &H0001           The menu item should be grayed.

VF_SEPARATOR         &H0800           The menu item is a separator bar.


Note   These constant settings are defined in the Visual Basic file CONSTANT.TXT.


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