SizeMode Property

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Applies To

OLE control2HQDVVU.


Determines how the OLE control is sized or how its image is displayed when it contains an object.


[form.]ole.SizeMode [ = setting ]


The SizeMode property settings are:

Setting         Description


0                   (Default) Clip.  The object is displayed in actual size.  If the object is larger than the OLE control, its image is clipped by the control's borders.

1                   Stretch.  The object's image is sized to fill the OLE control.

2                   Autosize.  The OLE control is resized to display the entire object.



When SizeMode is set to 2 (Autosize), the OLE control is automatically resized when the display size of an object changes.  When this occurs, the Resize event is invoked before the OLE control is automatically resized.  The HeightNew and WidthNew parameters indicate the optimal size for displaying the object (this size is determined by the application that created the object).  You can size the control differently by changing the values of the HeightNew and WidthNew parameters in the Resize event.

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