DateCreated, LastUpdated Properties

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Applies To

Table object5RHH0MW, TableDef objectK497U.


Contains the date and time a table was created, or when its definition was last changed.  Not available at design time; read-only at run time.


tabledefobject | tableobject}.DateCreated

tabledefobject | tableobject}.LastUpdated


When a table is created in the database, the values of DateCreated and LastUpdated are the same.  When you change the structure of a table through a TableDef object, the LastUpdated property is set to the current date and time.  You can change the structure of tables only with the Professional Edition.

The date and time are taken from the computer which created the Table.  If various users maintain different dates and times on their workstations, these property settings may be inaccurate.

Data Type

Variant2ZCGYKB of VarType7A68ZTZ 7 (Date)