CollatingOrder Property

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Applies To

Database objectP8AHA, Field objectKU5EEE.


Determines the method for comparing text values.  Not available at design time; read-only at run time.


database | field }.CollatingOrder


The CollatingOrder property settings are:

Constant                              Value      Description




DB_SORTGENERAL                256      Sort by EFGPI rules (English, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian).

DB_SORTSPANISH                  258      Sort by Spanish rules.

DB_SORTDUTCH                    259      Sort by Dutch rules.

DB_SORTSWEDFIN                 260      Sort by Swedish, Finnish rules.

DB_SORTNORDAN                  261      Sort by Norwegian, Danish rules.

DB_SORTICELANDIC              262      Sort by Icelandic rules.

DB_SORTPDXINTL                  4096    Sort by Paradox international rules.

DB_SORTPDXSWE                  4097    Sort by Paradox Swedish, Finnish rules.

DB_SORTPDXNOR                  4098    Sort by Paradox Norwegian, Danish rules.

DB_SORTUNDEFINED             1       Field sort rules are undefined or unknown.



The database part can be the Database property of a data control, and the field part can be a member of the Fields collection of a TableDef in the TableDefs collection of the Database property of a data control.  In the Professional Edition, they can also be object variablesZ3R9Q5 identifying an open Database or a Field, respectively.

This corresponds to the locale part of the CompactDataBase statement and CreateDataBase function.  You can use the value of this property in the compare part of the StrComp and InStr functions.

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