Exclusive Property

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Applies To

Data control2E1FEX3.


Determines whether the underlying database for a data control is opened for single-user or multiuser access.  Read/write at both design time and run time.


[form.]datacontrol.Exclusive [ =True | False}]


The Exclusive property settings are:

Setting          Description


True              The database is open for single-user access.  No one else can open the database until it is closed.

False             (Default) The database is open for multiuser access.  Others can open the database and have access to the data while it is open.



The value of this property, along with the DatabaseName, ReadOnly, and Connect properties, is used to open a database.  In the Professional Edition, this property corresponds to the exclusive argument in the OpenDatabase function.

The Exclusive property is used only when opening the Database.  If you change the value of this property at run time, you must use the Refresh method for the change to take effect.  If someone else already has it open, you cannot open it for exclusive use.

Database operations are faster if the Database is opened for exclusive use.

Once you have opened a Database for exclusive use, your application can have as many instances open as necessary.

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