Reposition Event

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Applies To

Data control2E1FEX3.


Occurs after a record becomes the current record1BNJB8X.


Sub datacontrol.Reposition ([Index As Integer])


The Index part uniquely identifies a control if it is in a control array.

When a data control loads, it makes the first record in the recordset the current record, causing the Reposition event.  Whenever a user clicks any button on the data control, moving from record to record, or if you use any of the Move methods, such as MoveNext, or the Find methods, such as FindFirst, the Reposition event occurs after each record becomes current.

In contrast, the Validate event occurs before moving to a different record.

You can use this event to perform calculations based on data in the current record, or to change the form in response to data in the current record.