SetDataAccessOption Statement

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Sets a global option for data access functionality.


SetDataAccessOption option, value


The SetDataAccessOption statement has the following parts:

Part               Description


option            A numeric expression71RISN corresponding to a valid option.

value             A Variant containing a value that is valid for the kind of option.


The option part can be the following:

Constant                                Value     Description


DB_OPTIONINIPATH                1         Sets the name and path of your application's initialization file (.INI).  Takes effect only when SetDataAccessOption is used before the data access functionality is loaded and initialized.  Once data access has been initialized, this setting cannot be changed without first exiting the application.  The value is a string expression1330R89.



For the DB_OPTIONINIPATH option, the value argument contains a string expression providing the path and name of your application's initialization (.INI) file.  Initialization files are usually stored in a user's WINDOWS directory, and have the same name as the executable file but with the .INI extension.  Use this statement only if your application's initialization file has a different name or is in a directory other than the WINDOWS directory.  Your application must use an initialization file in order to use databases in any format other than Microsoft Access, such as FoxPro, Paradox, Btrieve, dBASE, or an ODBC database such as SQL Server or Oracle.