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Data control2E1FEX3.


Indicates the current state of editing for the current record.1BNJB8X  Not available at design time; read-only at run time.


[form.] datacontrol.EditMode


The EditMode property settings are:

Constant               Value     Description


DATA_EDITNONE     0        There is no editing operation in progress.

DATA_EDITMODE    1        Edit method has been invoked and the current record is in the copy bufferKBPE86.

DATA_EDITADD       2        AddNew method has been invoked and the current record in the copy buffer is a new record that hasn't been saved in the database.


These values are from the Visual Basic file CONSTANT.TXT.


This property is most useful when you want to depart from the default functionality of a data control, or if you are not using a data control with the Professional Edition.  In the Validate event, you might check the value of this property and the value of the Action parameter to the procedure to determine whether you should invoke the UpdateRecord method.

You might also check to see if LockEdits is True and EditMode is DATA_EDITMODE to determine whether the current data page is locked.

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