DatabaseName Property

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Applies To

Data control2E1FEX3.


Determines the name and location of the source of data for a data control.  Read/write at both design time and run time.


[form.]datacontrol.DatabaseName [ = pathname ]


For Microsoft Access and Btrieve databases, the DatabaseName setting is the path and name of the database file (.MDB or .DDF).  For dBASE III, dBASE IV, Paradox, and FoxPro databases, the DatabaseName property setting is the path to the directory of the database file (.DBF, .PDX).  If your network system supports it, the DatabaseName setting can be a fully qualified network path name such as \\MYSERVER\MYSHARE\DATABASE.MDB.

For ODBC databases, such as SQL Server and Oracle, this property can be left blank if the control's Connect property identifies a data source name (DSN) registered in the ODBC.INI file.

If you change this property after the control's Database is open, you must use the Refresh method to open the new database.

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