DataChanged Property

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Applies To

Check box9P3BU5, image9A4FCA, label3MNIZ8D, picture box31MYIWX, text boxYPYZDG, and other bound controlsLVLJ7W that may become available.


Indicates that the data in the control has been changed by some process other than getting data from the current record.1BNJB8X  Not available at design time; read/write at run time.


[form.] control.DataChanged [ =True | False}]


The DataChanged property settings are:

Setting             Description


True                 The data currently in the control is not the same as in the current record.

False                (Default) The data currently in the control, if any, is the same as the data in the current record.



When a data control moves from record to record, each bound controlLVLJ7W automatically displays data from a specific field in the current record and DataChanged is set to False.  If the data in the control changes in any way other than moving to a different record, DataChanged becomes True.

When the data control starts to move to a different record, the Validate event occurs.  Then if DataChanged is True for any bound control, the data control invokes the Edit and UpdateRecord methods.  Finally, data from any control where the DataChanged property is True is saved to the database.

In the code for the Validate event, you can set this property to False for any bound control where you do not want to save the data in the database.

Inspect the value of the DataChanged property in your code for a control's Change event to avoid a cascading event3N94RC2.  This applies to both bound and unbound controls.

Data Type

IntegerDOKXHY (Boolean)