LockEdits Property

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Applies To

Table object5RHH0MW, Dynaset object25TLT8.


Determines which locking condition is in effect during editing.  Not available at design time; read/write at run time.


recordset.LockEdits [ =True | False}]


The LockEdits property settings are:

Setting             Description


True                 (Default) Pessimistic4CZD0Q2 locking is in effect for all editing.  The pageAP754UT containing the record you are editing is locked while in edit mode (EditMode property setting = 1).

False                Optimistic101JIVM locking is in effect for all editing.  The page containing the record is locked only while you actually update the record with the Update method.



If a page is locked (LockEdits is True), then no other user can edit records on the same page.  If you set LockEdits to True and another user already has the page locked, an error occurs when you use the Edit method.

If you set LockEdits to False and later use Update while the page is locked by another user, an error occurs.