NoMatch Property

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Applies To

Table object5RHH0MW, Dynaset object25TLT8, Snapshot objectHBYSUX.


Indicates whether the FindFirst, FindPrevious, FindNext, FindLast, or Seek method was successful in finding a record.  Not available at design time; read-only at run time.




The NoMatch property settings are:

Setting             Description


True                 A Find method or the Seek method failed (the desired record wasn't found).

False                A Find method or the Seek method was successful (the desired record was found).



When you first open or create a recordset or data control, NoMatch is False.

With the Recordset property of a data control, use one of the Find methods to make a specific record current1BNJB8X.  In the Professional Edition only, you can also use any of the Find methods with a DynasetUDR386 or Snapshot1ZLURBC object, or the Seek method with a TableK31GNT object.

After using a Find method or the Seek method, inspect the NoMatch property to see whether the record was found.  If the operation fails (no matching record is found), the NoMatch property setting is True and the current record is undetermined.  If a matching record is found, NoMatch is False.

Data Type

IntegerDOKXHY (Boolean)