LinkNotify Event

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Applies To

Label3MNIZ8D, picture box31MYIWX, text boxYPYZDG.


Occurs when the sourceO9K12R has changed the data defined by the DDEDEFDDE link, if the LinkModeM1RK6S property of the destinationHF8UZ8 control is set to 3 (Notify).


Sub ctlname_LinkNotify (Index As Integer)


The argument Index uniquely identifies a control if it is in a control array8G7Y0UU.  Typically, in the LinkNotify event your code notifies the user, gets the new data immediately, or defers getting the data until later.  You can use the LinkRequest3HB029 method to obtain the new data from the source.

See Also


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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 20, "Communicating with Other Applications"

LinkNotify Event Example

The example is attached to a picture box control, Picture1, which has its LinkMode property set to 3 (Notify) and its LinkTopic and LinkItem properties set to specify picture data in the source.  When the source changes this data, the procedure updates the picture box immediately only if the picture box is on the active form (the form that has the focus); otherwise it sets a flag variable.  The example is for illustration only.

Sub Picture1_LinkNotify ()

   If Screen.ActiveForm Is Me Then

   Picture1.LinkRequest      ' Picture is on active form, so update.


      NewDataFlag = True     ' Assumed to be a module-level variable.

   End If

End Sub