LinkOpen Event

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Applies To

Form14TJ2LN, MDI Form1ILMZQ7, label3MNIZ8D, picture box31MYIWX, text boxYPYZDG.


Occurs when a DDEDEFDDE conversation is being initiated.


SubForm|MDIForm}_LinkOpen (Cancel As Integer)

Sub ctlname_LinkOpen ([Index As Integer,]Cancel As Integer)


The LinkOpen event uses these arguments:

Argument     Description


Index             Uniquely identifies a control if it is in a control array8G7Y0UU.

Cancel           When the LinkOpen event procedure ends, the value of this argument determines whether the DDE conversation is established or not.  Leaving Cancel = 0 establishes the conversation.  Setting Cancel to any nonzero value refuses the conversation.


This event occurs for forms when a destinationHF8UZ8 application is initiating a DDE conversation with the form.  It occurs for controls when a control is initiating a DDE conversation with a sourceO9K12R application.

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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 20, "Communicating with Other Applications"