SQL Property (Professional Edition Only)

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Applies To

QueryDef objectDFCEMQ.


Defines a QueryDef19G3DMW.  Not available at design time; read/write at run time.


querydef.SQL [ = sqlstatement ]


The SQL property contains the SQL statement29F05E5 that determines how records are selected, grouped, and ordered when you use the query.  You can use the query to select records for a DynasetUDR386 or Snapshot1ZLURBC or to update a recordset22S7WAF.

If the SQL statement includes parameters1U30NBO for the query, you must set the parameters before you use the query.  Until you reset the parameters, the same parameter values are applied each time you use the query.  You set the parameters using the following syntax:

querydef ! parameter = parametervalue

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