DataField Property

See AlsoproControlSourceSee

Applies To

Check box9P3BU5, image9A4FCA, label3MNIZ8D, picture box31MYIWX, text boxYPYZDG, and other bound controlsLVLJ7W as they become available.


Binds a control to a Field1L3F0QJ.  Read/write at both design time and run time.


[form.] control.DataField [ = fieldname ]


Bound controls provide access to specific data in your database.  Each bound control typically displays the value of a different field in the current record1BNJB8X.  The DataSource property of a bound control specifies a valid data control name, and the DataField property specifies a valid field name in the data control's Recordset property.  Together, these properties specify which data appears in the control.


Note   Make sure each bound control has a valid setting for its DataField property.  If you change the setting of a data control's RecordSource property, when you use Refresh, the Recordset then identifies the new object.  This may invalidate the DataField settings of bound controls and produce an error.


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