Creating Custom Colors

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You can create custom colors using the Color palette11468R9.

To add a color to the Color palette

   1. From the Window menu, choose Color Palette.

   2. Click the Custom Colors button.

     Visual Basic displays a row of color boxes at the bottom of the Color palette that you can use to set custom colors.

   3. Select a blank color box.

   4. Click the Define Colors button.

     Visual Basic displays a dialog box with various color settings.

   5. Click anywhere in the large box to select a color.

   6. Click the bar at the right of the box to select the color you want, or click and drag the arrow displayed at the right of the bar to vary the shade and brightness of the color.

     Visual Basic displays the selected color in the Color display box.

   7. Optional:  To fine-tune the color, adjust the numbers for the red, green, and blue color elements.

   8. Choose Add Color to add the color to the Color palette.


Note   Custom colors you have created are among the choices available from the Settings box of the Properties windowO00AW8.


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