RecordSource Property

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Applies To

Data control2E1FEX3.


Specifies the underlying table, SQL statement29F05E5, or QueryDef19G3DMW for a data control.  Read/write at both design time and run time.


[form.]datactrl.RecordSource [ =tablename | sqlstatement | queryname}]


The RecordSource property specifies the source of the records accessible through bound controlsLVLJ7W on your form.  After changing the value of this property at run time, you must use the Refresh method to enable the change.


Note   Make sure each bound control has a valid setting for its DataField property.  If you change the setting of a data control's RecordSource property, when you use Refresh, the Recordset then identifies the new object.  This may invalidate the DataField settings of bound controls.


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