Turning Syntax Checking On or Off

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The Visual Basic Code windowJ73QNY includes a syntax-checking feature that:

         Checks each line of code for syntax errors (such as a misspelled keyword or missing separator) as you enter it, and alerts you if there are errors.

         Translates the code to an internal form if the syntax is correct, which speeds the transition to run mode.


This feature is turned on when you first start up Visual Basic, but you can turn it off if you prefer to write all your code without being alerted to errors as they occur.

To turn syntax checking on or off

   1. From the Options menu, choose Environment.

   2. Select Syntax Checking.

   3. In the Setting box, select either Yes or No to enable or disable syntax checking.


Note   When you make a change to the Environment options, those changes are saved in the Visual Basic initialization file (VB.INI).


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