Finding a Procedure

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To find a procedure85Q5YR in a Code windowJ73QNY

   1. From the Window menu, choose Procedures (F2).

   2. From the Modules list box, choose the module containing the procedure you want to find.

   3. Select the procedure you want either by scrolling through the entries in the Procedures list box and clicking the procedure name, or by pressing the keyboard key for the first letter of the procedure name.  If you press the first letter key and the procedure you want is not selected, continue to press the key until the procedure you want is selected.

   4. Choose OK.

     The procedure you have chosen is displayed in the Code window.


To find the next or previous procedure in a Code window

         From the View menu, choose Next Procedure or Previous Procedure.

Keyboard Shortcuts

                Press      To

Ctrl+Down Arrow     Display the next procedure.

     Ctrl+Up Arrow     Display the previous procedure.

         Page Down     Page down through the procedures in your code.

              Page Up     Page back up through the procedures in your code.

                       F2     Display View Procedures dialog.

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