Replacing Text in Code

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To replace text in the Code windowJ73QNY

   1. From the Edit menu, choose Replace (Ctrl+R).

   2. In the Find What text box, type the text you want to search for.  If any text is selected when you choose the command, this text is displayed here.  If no text is selected, the word at the current insertion point is displayed.

   3. In the Replace With text box, type the replacement text.

   4. Select a Search option button to specify where to look for the text:

     Current Procedure searches in the current procedure only.

     Current Module searches in the active module only.

     All Modules searches all the code in your project, including all forms.

   5. Select Syntax Checking On if you want the syntax checked after each replacement is made.

   6. To set limits on the search, select the Match Whole Word Only check box to search only for the complete word by itself, and not as part of another word.  Select the Use Pattern Matching check box to search using pattern matching characters191OZWN.

   7. Choose Verify if you want to confirm before changing each occurrence of the text, or choose Replace All to change all occurrences of the search text automatically.

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