Halting Execution

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As you run your application141RJVK, it may halt for one of the following reasons:

         An untrapped run-time error occurs.

         Visual Basic encounters a breakpoint1YXJ0G5 you set previously.

         Visual Basic encounters a watch expression12QVKFC that you have set to break if its value changes or becomes true.

         Visual Basic encounters a Stop4K739NO statement or an EndLANEND statement in your code.

         You halt execution manually at a given point.


To halt execution manually

        From the Run menu, choose Break (Ctrl+Break), or use the toolbar shortcut:


To continue execution when your application has halted

        From the Run menu, choose Continue (F5), or use the toolbar shortcut:


         From the Debug menu, choose Single Step (F8) or Procedure Step (Shift +F8).

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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 2, "Your First Visual Basic Application"

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