Executing a Specific Statement

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While execution of your code is halted, you can control the execution sequence of statementsKI4GSX within a procedure85Q5YR.  You can resume execution at a statement you choose without executing any intervening code.

To set the next statement to be executed

   1. In the Code windowJ73QNY, position the insertion point0KIN01C anywhere within the statement.

   2. From the Debug menu, choose Set Next Statement.


Note   You can skip only to statements within the same procedure.

During run timeCYRM35 you can use a GoToGU57HD statement to branch to a specified line within a procedure.

Used in combination with single stepping, executing specific statements with the Set Next Statement command enables you to step through procedures one statement at a time, and to closely examine your code.  It's also helpful for correcting or avoiding run-time error conditions.


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