Assigning an Icon to a Form

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You can assign a unique icon529QBG to any form5272EF that the user can minimize at run timeCYRM35.  If you do not assign an icon to a form, the form.ico file in the \icons\misc directory is the default.

To assign an icon to a form with the Properties windowO00AW8

   1. Click a blank part of the form to select it.

   2. In the Properties window1K6JQPY, select Icon2S1DMPP.

     The down arrow to the right of the Settings boxAV4YN4 changes into a button with three dots51NRBM.

   3. Click the button with three dots.

     Visual Basic displays the Load Icon dialog box.

   4. Type or select the name of the icon you want to use.

   5. Choose OK.


Note   You can assign a unique icon to any form that the user can minimize at run time.  A unique icon can provide the user with a visual cue as to the function of a form or application.  Visual Basic's Icon Library1NQWYI is a good source for icons.


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