Creating a DDE Source or Destination Link

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You can create data links between a Visual Basic application and other applications that support DDEDEFDDE.  The application that initiates the DDE conversation is the destinationHF8UZ8.  The application that responds to the destination is the sourceO9K12R.  You use these links to get information from, or supply information to, another application.

To create a destination link

   1. In the source application, select the data item you want to link.

   2. From the source application's Edit menu, choose Copy.

   3. In your Visual Basic application, select the control (text box2GYGEC, label3MU760W, or picture box3W9LV25) you want to receive the data.

   4. From Visual Basic's Edit menu, choose Paste Link.

     If the link is successful, the control displays the data selected from the source application.

To create a source link

   1. In your Visual Basic application, select the form or control that contains the data you want to supply.

   2. From Visual Basic's Edit menu, choose Copy (Ctrl+C).

   3. In the destination application, select the destination for the data.

   4. From the destination application's Edit menu, choose Paste Link.

     If the link is successful, the contents of the control are displayed in the destination application.


Note   The Paste Link command establishes an automatic linka change in the source's data will automatically cause an update in the destination's data.  When an application with an automatic link is opened, a DDE conversation with the source application is automatically reestablished.  In contrast, a manual link requires user action to establish a DDE conversation and to update data.  Use the LinkModeM1RK6S property to specify an Automatic (1), Manual (2), or Notify (3) link for the destination control.


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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 20, "Communicating with Other Applications"