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Visual Basic comes with a collection of over 450 icons529QBG in the ICONS directory that you can use to enhance your applications.  The Using Icons6AQG8GG topic describes how to use icons in your applications.

The Icon Library includes these categories:

         Arrows and pointers

        Communication (networks, servers, printers, phones)

        Computers (computers, disk drives, diskettes, keyboards, mouse devices)

       Drag-and-drop (hands and arrows dragging and dropping file folders)

         Elements (earth, water, fire, clouds, weather, the sun, phases of the moon)


         Industry and transportation (bicycles, cars, airplanes, factories, tools)

        Mail (mailboxes, envelopes, stamps, forms)

        Miscellaneous (people, clocks, first-aid signs, locks and keys, buttons, punctuation marks, default form icons)

        Office (card files, charts, file cabinets, folders, graphs, paper clips, labels)

        Traffic signs

         Writing (books, notepads, pens, pencils)


You can view the Icon Library either online with the IconWorks sample application included with Visual Basic, or in Appendix B, "Icon Library," of the Programmer's Guide.


Note   You may use the Icon Library icons or modified versions of them in your Visual Basic applications.  However, you are not allowed to make and sell copies of the Icon Library or any portion of it.


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