Global Keys

Use these key combinations in all Visual Basic windows:

Press            To


F5                 Run an application.

F8                 Execute code one line at a time.

Shift+F8         Execute statementsKI4GSX one line at a time without stepping into procedure  calls10DPOPB.

Ctrl+Break     Stop running a Visual Basic application.

Ctrl+B            Show the Debug window199M6LF (break mode9NQX0JY only).

Shift+F5         Restart an application from the beginning after an interruption.


Use these key combinations in all Windows-based applications:

Press            To


F1                 Open Help.

Alt+F6           Toggle between the last two active windows.

Alt+Esc         Cycle through top-level Windows-based applications.

Alt+Tab         Cycle through top-level Windows-based applications, restoring minimized applications.

Ctrl+Esc        Open the Task List.

Alt+Hyphen    Open the current window's Control menu.

Alt+Spacebar Open the application's Control menu1LEPVNO.

Alt or F10       Select the Control-menu box.

Alt+F4           (Visual Basic) Close the active window; if all windows are closed, close Visual Basic.

Alt+F4           Close the application.

Ctrl+C           Copy the selection to the ClipboardW4LZLB.

Ctrl+X            Cut the selection to the Clipboard.

Ctrl+V            Paste the Clipboard selection.

Ctrl+Z            Undo the last edit.