Form Window Keys

Use these key combinations in the Form windowVK6SGD:

Press                   To


Shift+Ctrl+Alpha    Select a property in the Property listOHRNZT of the Properties windowO00AW8.

Alpha                    Enter a value in the Settings boxAV4YN4 in the Properties window.

F7                        Open the Code windowJ73QNY for the selected object.

Ctrl+C                  Copy the selected controls to the ClipboardW4LZLB.

Ctrl+X                   Cut the selected controls to the Clipboard.

Del                       Delete the selected controls without placing them on the Clipboard.

Ctrl+V                   Paste the Clipboard contents on the form.

Ctrl+Z                   Undo a deletion of controls.

Tab                      Cycle forward through controls in tab order3EP8KW.

Shift+Tab              Cycle backward through controls in tab order.

Ctrl+Click             Add or remove a control from the selection.

Click+Drag           Select multiple controls.

Ctrl+Click+Drag    Add or remove controls from the current selection.

Ctrl+M                  Display the Menu Design windowV4GKGG (design time only).

F4                        Display the Properties window (design time only).

Ctrl+ =                  Bring to front (affects overlapping controls at design time only).

Ctrl+Hyphen         Send to back (affects overlapping controls at design time only).


To deselect all controls, click the form.  To select controls in a container, first deselect the container and then Ctrl+Click+Drag around the desired controls.