Add File Command (File Menu)

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Adds an existing form, module, or custom control2SOD6E file to your projectBKAGDI.  You can use a form or module in any number of projects.

Dialog Box Options

Option                       Description


File Name                   Type or select a file name from the Files box.

Directories                  Select a directory from the list.  Select the drive or directory where the file is stored if different from your current path.  (Your current path is displayed above this box.)

List Files of Type        Select a file type from the list:

                                  VB Files (*.FRM; *.BAS; *.VBX)lists all valid Visual Basic file types.

                                  Form Files (*.FRM)lists all forms.

                                  Basic Files (*.BAS)lists all modules.

                                  Custom Controls (*.VBX)lists all custom controls.

Drives                        Select a drive from the list.

OK                             Adds the file to the project.

Cancel                        Closes the dialog box without adding the file to the project.

See Also


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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 2, "Your First Visual Basic Application"