Save File, Save File As... Commands (File Menu)

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Saves the active form or module to your disk with a name you specify.  The Save File command displays the Save As dialog box if no file name has been specified.

The dialog box enables you to specify a new name for a form5272EF, MDI form17QZO3L, or module2JU32VW.

Dialog Box Options for Save File As...

Option                       Description


File Name                   Type a file name or accept the default.  Unless you specify otherwise, Visual Basic automatically adds the default file-name extension .MAK for projects, .FRM for forms, and .BAS for modules.

Directories                  Select a directory from the list.  Select the drive or directory where the file is stored if different from your current path.  (Your current path is displayed above this box.)

List Files of Type        Select a file type from the list:

                                  All Files (*.*)list files of all types.

                                  Form Files (*.FRM)list all form files.

                                  Basic Files (*.BAS)list all modules.

Drives                        Select a drive from the list.

Save As Text              Select to save the current file in text format.  If not selected, files are saved in binary format54BG0SJ.  You can set the Default Save As Format for all files with the Environment command on the Options menu.

OK                             Saves the file under the specified name.

Cancel                        Closes the dialog box without saving the file.

                                  If you type a new name for an existing file, Visual Basic creates a new file.  The old version of the file remains on your disk with the old name.

                                  If you type the name of an existing file, Visual Basic displays a message warning you that you'll be overwriting an existing file.  Choose:

                                  OK       To replace the existing file.

                                  Cancel  To close the dialog box without saving the file.

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