Load Text, Save Text Commands (File Menu)

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Load Textuse to specify a text file0NGZ9MY from which you load code into a Visual Basic Code windowJ73QNY.

Save Textuse to save the code in the current form, MDI form, or module as a text file.  To save a form or MDI form as text, including all property settings, choose the Save File As7D6QUL command from the File Menu.

Dialog Box Options

Options                Description


File Name             Type or select a file name from the Files box.

Directories            Select a directory from the list.  Select the drive or directory where the file is stored or where you want to store the file if different from your current path.  (Your current path is displayed above this box.)

List Files of Type  Select a file type from the list:

                            Text Files (*.TXT)lists all text files.

                            Basic Files (*.BAS)lists all modules.

                            All Files (*.*)lists files of all types.

Drives                  Select a drive from the list.

Replace                Replaces all the text in the active module with the code you're loading.

Merge                   Adds the text you're loading to the code in the active module at the current insertion point without deleting existing code.

New                      Creates a new module with the text you're loading.

Cancel                  Closes the dialog box without loading the code.

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