Find, Find Next, Find Previous Commands (Edit Menu)

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Findsearches code in the projectBKAGDI for specified text.

Find Nextsearches code in the project for the next occurrence of the text you specified.

Find Previoussearches code in the project in reverse order for a previous occurrence of the text you specified.

Keyboard shortcut: Shift+F3.

If a search is successful, the dialog box closes and Visual Basic selects the located text.  If no match is found, Visual Basic displays a message stating that the text was not found.

Dialog Box Options

Option                                   Description


Find What                               Type the text you want to search for.  If any text is selected when you choose the command, this text is displayed in the text box.  If no text is selected, the word at the current insertion point is displayed.

Search Current Procedure       Searches only the current procedure.

Search Current Module           Searches only the current module.

Search All Modules                 Searches all the code in your project.

Match Whole Word Only         Searches for the full word by itself and not as part of another word.

Use Pattern Matching             Searches using pattern matching191OZWN characters.

OK                                         Stats the new search.

Cancel                                    Closes the dialog box without performing the search.

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