HelpCommand Property


Applies To

Common dialog1H1HYJI.


Specifies the type of Help requested.


[form.]CMDialog.HelpCommand[ = setting ]


The HelpCommand property settings are:

Setting                       Description


HELP_CONTEXT        Displays Help for a particular context.  When using this setting, you must also specify a context using the HelpContextB0L66K property.

HELP_HELPONHELP  Displays Help for using the Help application itself.

HELP_INDEX              Displays the index of the specified Help file.  An application should use this value only for a Help file with a single index.

HELP_KEY                 Displays Help for a particular keyword.  When using this setting, you must also specify a keyword using the HelpKeyAU694WO property.

HELP_QUIT                Notifies the Help application that the specified Help file is no longer in use.

HELP_SETINDEX       Sets the context specified by the HelpContext property as the current index for the Help file specified by the HelpFile30PBQSA property.  This index remains current until the user accesses a different Help file.  Use this value only for Help files with more than one index.


The values for the HelpCommand property constants are defined in the Visual Basic file CONSTANT.TXT.

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