Environment Command (Options Menu)

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Determines the attributes of the Visual Basic environment.

Dialog Box Options

Option                                   Description


Tab Stop Width                       Width in characters.  The default is 4.

Require Variable Declaration   Determines whether Visual Basic automatically inserts an Option ExplicitIJUJAQ statement in the Declarations section of each new form and module.  The default is No.

Syntax Checking                     Determines whether each line is checked for correct syntax as you enter code.  The default is Yes.

File Save Format                     Determines the format for saving new forms and modules (text or binary54BG0SJ).  You can specify an alternate format with the Save As command on the File menu.  The default is binary.

Selection Text                         Color of currently selected text.

Selection Background             Background color of currently selected text.

Next Statement Text               Color of the next statement to be executed.  Identified with the Show Next StatementAOMI3G command from the Debug menu during break mode.

Next Statement Background    Background color of the next statement to be executed.

Breakpoint Text                      Color of any breakpoint statement.

Breakpoint Background           Background color of breakpoints.

Comment Text                        Color of text preceded by RemLANREM or an apostrophe ( ' ).

Comment Background             Background color of comment text.

Keyword Text                         Color of text for all reserved words43US84 and keywordsJLVHLD.

Identifier Text                         Color of text of variables, properties, and object names.

Identifier Background              Background color of variables, properties, and object names.

Code window Text                   Color of values, operators, and other text.

Code window Background       Background color of values, operators, and other text.

Debug window Text                 Color of all text in the Debug199M6LF window.

Debug window Background     Background color of all text in the Debug window.

Grid Width                              Determines the number of horizontal twips2SWJ8D3 between units of the grid used to place objects on a form at design time.  The default is about 120 twips.

Grid Height                             Determines the number of vertical twips between units of the grid.  The default is about 120 twips.

Show Grid                               Determines whether the grid is visible at design time.  The grid does not have to be visible to align controls.  The default is Yes.

Align To Grid                          Determines whether objects placed on a form automatically align to the grid.  The default is Yes.

OK                                         Accepts the option settings and dismisses the dialog.

Cancel                                    Dismisses the dialog without saving any changes to the option settings.

Reset                                     Resets the current option to its default value.

Reset All                                 Resets all options to their default values.

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