Window Menu Commands

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Color Palette

Opens or activates the Color palette11468R9.


Opens or activates the Debug window199M6LF.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+B.

Menu Design

Opens or activates the Menu Design windowV4GKGG.

Toolbar shortcut:   Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+M.


Opens the Procedures dialog box where you can select a procedure to view or edit.

Keyboard shortcut: F2.

Options           Description


Modules           Lists the modules in the current project.

Procedures       Lists the procedures in the selected module.

OK                   Displays the selected procedure in the code window.

Cancel              Closes the dialog box.


Opens or activates the Project window183GH18.


Opens or activates the Properties windowO00AW8.

Toolbar shortcut:   Keyboard shortcut: F4.


Opens or activates the Toolbox414LEZP.

Data Manager

Opens or activates the Data Manager application.

Report Designer (Professional Edition Only)

Opens or activates the Crystal Reports for Visual Basic application.  This command is available only with the Professional Edition, and only if you elected to install Crystal Reports during setup.

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(such as Data Manager Help,
and Crystal Reports Help)


Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 1, "Introduction"