Load Picture, Load Icon Dialog Box Options



Loads an existing picture or icon file.

Dialog Box Options

Option                    Description


File Name                Type or select a file name from the Files box.

Directories               Select a directory from the list.  Select the drive or directory where the file is stored if different from your current path.  (Your current path is displayed above this box.)

Drives                     Select a drive from the list.

List Files of Type     Select a file type from the list:

                               All Picture Files (*.BMP, *.DIB, *.WMF, *.ICO)lists all picture files.

                               Bitmaps(*.BMP, *.DIB)lists bitmaps and DIBs.

                               Metafiles (*.WMF)lists Microsoft Windows Metafiles.

                               All Files (*.*)lists files of all types.

OK                          Loads the selected file.

Cancel                     Closes the dialog box without loading a picture file.

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Programmer's Guide:

Chapter 15, "Creating Graphics for Applications"

Appendix B, "Icon Library"