Check Box Control

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A check box displays an X when selected; the X disappears when the check box is cleared.  Use this control to give the user a True/False or Yes/No option.  You can use check boxes in groups to display multiple choices from which the user can select one or more.


Check boxes and option buttons217W4B9 function similarly but with an important difference: any number of check boxes on a form can be selected at the same time.  In contrast, only one option button in a group can be selected.

To display text next to the check box, set the CaptionF6ZZXB property.  Use the Value5OIC88B property to determine the state of the boxselected, cleared, or unavailable.


AlignmentFQ8OZH             FontNameB3RMO3                    MousePointer1VSV6UM

BackColor1W9T6JQ            FontSizeB3WV13                      Name2016V9P

CaptionF6ZZXB                 FontStrikethru5NZYQSD              Parent17GLLBF

DataField8JGM9OY              FontUnderline5NZYQSD              TabIndexH38QPT

DataSource5ODG8DC          ForeColor1W9T6JQ                    TabStop81MAWZ

DragIcon3G3M07O              HeightL14VJZ                         Tag6GI6KP

DragModeS9LGP1            HelpContextID764PDR             Top1CIZPD6

Enabled3XD4FN                hWnd1CIW7KQ                          Value5OIC88B

FontBold5NZYQSD               Index3MKW18P                           Visible32KNZA4

FontItalic5NZYQSD              Left1CIZPD6                             WidthL14VJZ





Click68UQAKP                    KeyDownRI06O6                     MouseDownD0VNMJ

DragDrop1EBOJGL             KeyPressPFFDUA                    MouseMove1D70SW5

DragOver2TUGMAC             KeyUpRI06O6                         MouseUpD0VNMJ

GotFocus32EWUCC             LostFocus2ZXQDAR                  





Drag2IEV8PA                      SetFocus4AVBOY

Move103G76J                      ZOrder1YQ29TM




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Programmer's Guide:

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