Frame Control

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A frame provides an identifiable grouping for controls.  You can also use a frame to subdivide a form functionallyfor example, to separate a group of option buttons217W4B9 from other groups of option buttons.


To group controls, first draw the frame and then draw the controls inside the frame.  This enables you to move the frame and controls together.  If you draw a control outside the frame and then try to move it inside, the control will be on top of the frame and you'll have to move the frame and controls separately.

To select multiple controls in a frame, hold down the Ctrl key while using the mouse to draw a box around the controls.


BackColor1W9T6JQ              FontSizeB3WV13                 MousePointer1VSV6UM

CaptionF6ZZXB                   FontStrikethru5NZYQSD         Name2016V9P

ClipControls2102ZSX            FontUnderline5NZYQSD         Parent17GLLBF

DragIcon3G3M07O                ForeColor1W9T6JQ               TabIndexH38QPT

DragModeS9LGP1              HelpContextID764PDR        Tag6GI6KP

Enabled3XD4FN                  HeightL14VJZ                    Top1CIZPD6

FontBold5NZYQSD                 hWnd1CIW7KQ                     Visible32KNZA4

FontItalic5NZYQSD                Index3MKW18P                      WidthL14VJZ

FontNameB3RMO3               Left1CIZPD6




Click68UQAKP                    DragOver2TUGMAC                    MouseUpD0VNMJ

DblClick2UG5QK1               MouseDownD0VNMJ                

DragDrop1EBOJGL             MouseMove1D70SW5                





Drag2IEV8PA                      Refresh3SMNZGP

Move103G76J                      ZOrder1YQ29TM


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